Cloud Computing

Microsoft Office 365

As one of Microsoft's Partners we are able to offer the market leading cloud solution for businesses currently available, offering truly flexible working for both office based and remote workers.  Call us today to discuss how Office 365 can transform your business.

Hosted Exchange

Looking for a cost effective solution to your email needs, this solution allows customers to access their email from anywhere and from any device securely.  Not only that you will be able to access contacts and calenders as well.

Cloud File Backup and Sharing

Are you looking for a way to backup and share files to the cloud then we have a market leading solution for you.  Information sharing and collaboration is the life blood of any modern business in today's fast past world and we have a solution for you.

Office 365 Cloud

Microsoft Office 365

With this truly flexible product you can turn any business into a digital enterprise, moving from being fixed in one place to available anywhere on nearly every device.  Access your emails, your contacts, your applications and your files - not just from your desktop but your laptop or even your phone.  Share your files amongst your business colleagues or even your customers.  Create shared calenders, even contacts and even share your emails.  Let us help you transform the way you and your business works, let us explain the huge benefits 365 can bring.

Hosted Exchange

Are you looking to be able to provide you and your staff with secure access to not only emails but contacts and calenders, well this is the solution for you.  This cost effective solution boasts up time of 99.99% up time without the upfront investment.

Not only that you will be able to synchronise all of this information across all the users devices reducing the need to clean up multiple email inboxes but you are not limited to computers, this information is available on computers, tablets and even mobile phones.... get in touch to discuss how this solution can help your business.

Cloud services
Cloud storage service

Cloud File Backup and Sharing

Are you looking to take the next step of being able to backup and share files and information between staff, or simply want to have your files available between devices then we have a cost effective solution for you and your business.

Upload and share file between your devices for information where ever you are or share company files between members of staff to allow then to collaborate on important files.  Make your business truly light on its feet and show your customers the right information where ever you are.

Get in touch to discuss how we can help you implement this solution, quickly and simply.

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