Business Networking

With more than 25 years of supporting both business and home users we can provide a cost effective solution to your networking issues, from simple wifi issues to complete business solutions.

Network Solutions & Infastructure

Look no further for your complete end to end solution provider, from data and voice cabling through to network hardware - we have the right solution for you.

Building to Building (Long Distance)

Looking for a solution to connect buildings together without the need for expensive cabling solutions or using unstable VPN solutions, then look no further.  We can provide solutions that can stretch 20km+ .... talk to us to discuss your needs.

Network switch and networking cabling

Business Networking

We have over 25 years of experience  working with business customers and home users, not only trouble shooting but building and expanding networks.  From a simple system of sharing your internet connection to a complete building wide solution supporting hundreds of devices and users.

Come and talk to us to discuss your needs and let us provide a cost effective solution or fix to your networking needs.

Network Solutions & Infastructure

We can provide a complete end to end solution, from basic cabling, to complete structured cabling.  We have extensive experience with CAT5, CAT5E, CAT6 and fibre connectivity allowing us to provide the correct solution for you the client and the environment that you are working in.

We also work closely with some of the largest manufacturers in the market today allowing us to select the right routers, access points, network hubs right through to PoE network switches and NAS drives.

Let us help you either deploy, expand, troubleshoot or improve your network the most cost effective way, get in touch and we will be happy to help.

CAT5, CAT5E, CAT6, Fibre Networking
Point to Point Network City

Building to Building (Long Distance)

Have you ever wanted to connect buildings quickly, simply and cost effectively - then we have a solution for you.  We have been providing customer solutions connecting buildings and other infrastructure using the latest wireless technology, allowing the extension of the main network, CCTV or even telephone systems.  These networks can stretch 20km+, giving greater flexibility to your business resources without the need to pay for costly cabling or slower alternative solutions.

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