WPA2 Wifi Hack – Security Risk ??

There’s been a lot of talk about the KRACK vulnerability that has come to light on the industry standard wifi protocol WPA2 which is used by most of the worlds wifi equipment. The vulnerability is not an issue with Windows and iOS based equipment so not everyone is going to be effected by this issue. The problem is with Android and Linux equipment, the problem is with the way these devices interact with a wifi signal and the security protocol, the handshake between these devices allows attacks to take place.

This particular security issue will mainly effect business customers with BYOD (Bring your own devices) as this would in theory allow attacks to gain access to secure networks allowing access to private information. We do however advise home users to also protect themselves as it may give attackers access to their private information as well.

We advise our clients to keep checking for updates to their android devices and Linux based systems to prevent these attacks to take place. We are also reminding our clients to have their routers updated to the latest firmware to prevent any security breaches from occurring.

We also advise clients to that it is always a good idea to have regular security checks done on their equipment to make sure they are fully protected, there are always new security issues and its always best to be pro active than reactive.

Take security seriously, it can happen to anyone !!